Had been trying to revisit some of the lunch spots that we hadn’t been visiting for quite a while since the default arrangement of work-from-home started — and that was how we found ourselves ending up at UOUO at Sunshine Plaza again after a good period of almost two years since the last when a trip to office is required.

UOUO seems to serve up a different menu during lunch service and dinner service; the latter is more focused on their sashimi offerings, but the former comprises of a set menu that features Japanese Ramen, Japanese Curry Rice, Donburi and even sets that seemingly cater to the office crowd (most items do not exceed $10 before taxes). A favourite to order for me here would be the Cheese Curry Rice (Salmon) — reasonably priced at $7.80 before taxes, the Cheese Curry Rice (Salmon) is essentially what it is, where a bed of short-grain pearl rice is drenched with Japanese curry over the top, whilst also featuring melted cheese and topped off with chunks of salmon. Simple as it is, I really loved how this is their twist to the western baked rice without the “baked” component — what you get here is that thick and flavourful Japanese curry to pair up with the rice beneath; all that whilst having stringy, melted cheese atop that gives that “instagrammable” cheese pull. The chunks of salmon are pretty decent; nothing much to shout about here but they do carrying that usual note of the fish that we all come to know — decent in terms of freshness as well. All orders of the Cheese Curry Rice (also available as-is without the Salmon, or with other choices of meat such as beef, pork and interestingly, Ajitama) also do come with a bowl of Miso Soup on the side as well.

There was a period of time where the standards seemed to have slipped for the lunch menu items here which was why we stopped visiting here for quite a while. But quite glad to find that they have since returned to the standards as they were when they had first opened (at least for this dish; though cheese was baked back then), which I remembered them for — that being said, do give them some time for the food here as there will be some waiting time involved. Still a very decent lunch treat for something special without breaking the bank!

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