Between their relaxed open-air area with cosy seatings within, this popular venue is almost always packed. Bring a close friend for this quality brunch experience and be early to snag a good seat. The food store, split into sections for bread, fruits and dining, is well-known for using fresh ingredients and these translate well into flavour. To share, we recommend the Wild Honey French Toast (RM24). Options for toppings run from passionfruit to strawberries, but be sure to go for the foolproof pairing of banana and bacon. Also get the Brunch Pasta with 7 Min Egg (RM22). Big on fresh produce, it's cooked with greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon and a single soft-boiled egg on top. But the real reason we love this dish, is that BreadFruits has managed to perfect this light but flavourful rendition of carbonara that allows maximum satisfaction with minimal guilt.
Avg price per person: RM30
Photo by Burppler Jun Tan