beyond me how it’s ONLY my first time trying the choco cro despite coming here several times!! JK was feeling for dessert tdy (which is so rare i’m so happy hehe!!!!) and he pointed this out so we came to get some ofc ☺️☺️☺️

ok first impression when we took it out of the casing was “wah so small ah” HAHA but omg no regrets the moment we tried it!!!! the filling was like molten lava which dribbles into ur mouth w the flaky crossaint... it’s honestly so good 🤤 we prefer the banana coffee bc of the contrasting sweet gooey banana and the semi melty dark choc (no coffee taste though), the milk tea was super distinct and aromatic too but it wasn’t as oozy!! the crossaint was crisp too, only lacking the slight buttery and fluffiness but for $2.60 it’s pretty damn satisfying :”)

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