From The Coconut Club which serves Chendol and Nasi Lemak. Each plate goes for $12.80 here; all comes with coconut rice, chicken leg, Ikan Bilis and peanuts. Prices may sound high but it's pretty much refined here if you are willing to spend more for the local classic here; the rice is sufficiently moist without being mushy and comes with a light whiff of coconut aroma. The sunny side up had a runny yolk that flows, while the Ikan Bilis were crisp without being hard while adequately salted for flavour. Chili on the side is more spicy than it is being sweet but manageable overall. The chicken was however the true star of the dish; think lightly-battered but crisp chicken with a hint of lemongrass that is all tender and flavourful — possibly everyone's favourite part of the dish. Sure, it does come at a premium as compared to the usual Nasi Lemak but it definitely compensates in terms of quality you are paying for with every extra penny spent.