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Looks like almost all the pancakes at Mr Bean have been made healthier with wholemeal batter and you can see the grains inside. I think the change in flour and batter composition made the pancakes more dense and slightly less fluffy, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. My colleague was much more annoyed by this change, citing that the pancakes were a lot stickier and that the batter recipe wasn’t changed to accommodate the change in flour. Oh well. Can’t please everyone but I’m glad for this switch to healthier ingredients.

For the peanut pancake, I recommend eating it while it’s still hot or at least toasting it up first. Since I only got to eating it a few hours after and couldn’t be bothered with heating it, you can clearly see the peanut filling had hardened into a hard ball. The peanut filling was sort of like an extra-crunchy and thick crunchy peanut butter. There’s loads of peanut chunks in there, and I think the sweetness balances nicely with the pancake. Despite the solidified filling, I still enjoyed this anyway!