Since my first time trying this Filipino food, Lechon at Lechon Republic (at Novena), I’ve been wanting to try the others done by others. I liked that Iskina Cebu had the spicy and non-spicy option. So, for starters, I ordered the 1/4kg non-spicy Lechon. I ordered this via delivery as they’re located at Ayer Rajah which is way out of the way for me. (Thank goodness for food delivery service!)

The crackling was real crunchy, except that some parts were burnt. The meat was nicely flavoured with the Filipino spices and was mostly meat, not too much fat, which was good.
(The one I had at Lechon Republic had a huge proportion of fat, and it was more plain meat wasn’t seasoned much with the spices).

I feel this was more unique in flavour, and good. I might just try their spicy version the next time!

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