Had always been wanting to try 黑轮食堂 Hei Lun Shi Tang for quite a while; but i guess I never really had it in mind whenever I visit Queenstown because I often get more distracted by the hawker stalls at Alexandra Village Food Centre instead. Pretty glad that they had opened a new outlet at Wisteria Mall at Yishun, which I made it a point to visit since it had landed up north — though the space does seem smaller occupying a kiosk that seats around 15 pax.

Not sure if they had the Scallion Oil noodle at the Wisteria Mall outlet, but I still found it hard not to go for the Signature Braised Pork Rice given this is one of the items that most do seem to go for there. Felt that the braised pork rice here is definitely of a different league as compared to the ones served at Eat Three Bowl at Crawford and Really Something at Chinatown Complex; the version here does feel less spruced up — perhaps more homey even for how the minced meat still remains moist, but retains a good bite overall for some texture. The other elements such as the preserved vegetable helps to cut through the meat and rice; the rice aptly drenched with enough sauce for a slightly saltish note, while the braised cabbage and soft chunks of carrot provides a more wholesome feel and a fresh and slightly sweet note — the braised cabbage also adding a bit of crunch. Overall, not a bowl of braised pork rice that attempts to sweep one off their feet, but more of a simpler, hearty variant that comforts the soul.