Still my favourite pizza place in town and super worth it especially with entertainer’s 1 for 1 mains!! I can’t speak for the other flavors because we literally order the same 2 pizzas every time we come, i.e.: carbonara and laksa. The laksa pizza comes with a really legit laksa paste and abundant toppings like sotong, quail eggs, tau pok(I think), prawns, chili padi...and the whole agglomeration of doughy goodness is sprinkled with little laksa leaves!!!! Which really elevates the taste and sets it apart from laksa pizza from other establishments.

The carbonara pizza looks pretty simple with just a few strips of bacon and a runny egg in the centre but - CONTRARY TO APPEARANCES - is packed with so much flavor!! The garlicky bechamel paste is salty to the right degree and meshes so well with their thin dough. Break the yolk and spread it all around for more oomph!!!

If you’re a carb lover, get a serving of their toasty little dough balls with garlic butter, you won’t regret it!