The GRUB cheeseburger and fries delivered on a tray is so photogenic! The pickle perched atop the bun is such a cute idea. Taste-wise, the burger was decent, though not exceptionally impressive. Based on the description on the menu, the beef patty was from 100% grass-fed and free-range beef. The beef was slightly bland, a little underseasoned. I had to add mentaiko sauce to bump up the taste. Crispy hot fries dipped in savoury fishy mentaiko is the best thing ever!

I added on an Earl Grey Lemon Tea, and loved the way the malty flavour of the tea blended smoothly together with the tangy taste of lemon.

We also ordered churros, paired with dark chocolate sauce and tangy creme anglaise. They were deep fried to a wonderful crisp and generously coated with sugar. I could taste the tinge of cinnamon and the fluffy inside of the churros was heavenly!

I enjoyed my overall dining experience at Grub and would return to give its other burgers a shot.