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You know what kind of food that can give you an instant burst of happiness besides chocolates and ice cream? It's a hearty bowl of Ramen! I heard about this Ramen place located in a vicinity of section 14 PJ that offers a reasonably priced bowl of happiness.. With that statement from a friend got me abit inquisitive to compare it with my all time favourite and the to go place of Ramen which is the Bankara Ramen.. So we did! One fine hot afternoon for lunch, we venture out to find this place in the heart of Jaya Shopping center to try out and to check out whether the statement is deem valid.. In terms of space which is relatively spacious than Bankara but atmosphere in Bari uma doesn't exudes or reminisce anything like Japan.. Then comes the menu and we were immediately left alone to retrieve our drinks from the server.. Their menu is rather simplistic and not really attractive to my eyes but they do offer something which doesn't burn a hole in your wallet which are the set lunches that you get to choose the Ramen from their selection and turn it into sets with an additional of a side and drinks.. Well I had was the Shoyu Uma Ramen lunch set (RM20.90) which comes with a bowl of edamame and a hot cup of green tea.. The taste and the texture of the noodle was rather on the thin side and on a saltier side which the broth consist mainly of soy and very mild bone broth flavour and not to forget the broth is the clear type which has very subtle flavours whereas the meat of it is really bland and not much flavour of the broth being absorbed or carried from the braising liquid which can just makes you happy eating it.. Sadly, this bowl of Ramen doesn't make the cut or even brought a sense of happiness to my day..