A late night favourite when back in my city. The long rows of tables that line the back alley in Sea Park speaks for itself. Operating out of a single storage unit, Bumbung (literally meaning 'roof') takes over the zinc-roofed side of a coffee shop that closes at night.

The spices of the ayam goreng rempah are super fragrant (though not as crispy as I'd like it to be) and very delicious. The rice is decently fluffy but with not quite enough coconut milk to make it super fragrant. Sambal has decent kick and loads of onions. The whole thing is topped with a telur mata kerbau (direct tr: egg-eye-bull) 🤤🍳

I've been frequenting this place for as long as I can remember and it still baffles me that this only costs RM5. Madness.

Tip: Ask for extra sambal.


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