Ordered this and more for a group of 8 😁 In this picture:
⭐️Nasi Lemak Chicken Leg Set ($14.80+)
⭐️Nasi Lemak Fish Set ($13.20+)
⭐️Kacang Panjang (Long beans ($6.50+)
⭐️Terung Assam Manis (Eggplants) ($7+)
⭐️Sambal Sotong ($14+)
⭐️Otak-Otak ($10.50+)

The stars of the night are surprisingly not the nasi lemak but the sambal sotong and otak-otak! Despite both being pricey dishes, they are well worth the price. The sambal sotong is well cooked and the otak-otak is of good quality, filled with chunks of fish.

I find the nasi lemak nothing special, rice is not fragrant and the ingredients are common for this price point. The sambal chilli is super tasty but I won’t come back specially for this. The service staff is friendly and the ambience is lovely - perhaps this is what we are paying more for.