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Our final stop of Burpple's #TastyTastemakerTour was The Tiny Roaster situated at Sunset Way!

This tiny café doesn't just sell good coffee but also teas, imported cheesecakes, coffee tools and equipment! A big pull here is that it conducts brewing, roasting, espresso sessions it its studio to educate coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

They source their beans from all over the world, from Asia, Africa and Central America - all in which carry their own unique flavour. Feel free to enquire with the baristas on ANYTHING about coffee.

Pictured is my dark brew of Yirgacheffe Kochere from Ethiopia ($7). It possesses a light-medium citrusy acidity with floral jasmine tones while having a low body yet leaving a creamy and soft mouthfeel. Yes, I know this because I googled.