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A nice warm comforting dessert. Quite expensive though for a small bowl. Only order if you’re willing to splurge

Dishes ordered but not featured:

1)Slow Braised Pork (Food King recommended)
This unassuming dish took us by surprise. Chunks were tender and cooked well in the sweet sauce. Felt like a home-cooked dish. One of our favourites here :>

2) Curry Chicken with Charcoal You Tiao (Food King recommended)
Value for money, relatively large portion size that can feed 2 people. Taste wise it wasn’t outstanding. You tiao wasn’t fresh- it lacked the crispy bite to it. Wouldn’t order this again

3) Fermented fried pork belly $14.9
Not worth it at all do not order. What you get is deep fried small bits of pork belly. Not a substantial dish and neither was it particularly good.

4) Meepok Carbonara
Sauce was nice and thick very flavourful. Came with nicely smoked bacon bits and shitake mushrooms. Had high hopes for this dish as it was one of the more popular ones but the meepok still had an alkaline taste to it- disappointing. Can get quite jelak after the first few bites so i recommend sharing. Overall quite a good effort in combining both local and western flavours but the noodles can be improved.