Attended a Burpple Eatup at Niku Kin recently; pretty stoked about the Yakiniku dining experience that we have had. Apart from the sleek decor, Niku Kin brings patrons the Hokkaido Yakiniku dining experience — 100% Hokkaido Wagyu Beef is being served here. Serving up different cuts of beef, Niku Kin carries a wide variety of cuts; even the lesser known cuts such as Rib Finger and Chuck Tenders amidst other known cuts such as Sirloin — all to introduce locals to less common cuts here with new favourites to be found.

We enjoyed the Niku Blue ($108.00++); a platter of five different cuts of beef that are available for the day to be grilled on the charcoal grill — complete with charcoal imported from Japan. Enjoy the various cuts from the leaner ones to the fatty parts — simply builds up the experience where the fatty cuts are just simply melt-in-the-mouth and leaves the lips smacking with flavour; salt and sauces are available at the side for those who prefer to have a bit more flavour with the meat, the latter also works well with the pearly Gohan ($1.50++) here. Side dishes include the Wagyu Niku Miso Tofu; a silken tofu with a slight firmness but carries a prominent soy flavour that is topped off with flavourful minced meat over the top. An item to be introduced in the menu in due course, the Wasabi Yukke is their rendition of a beef tartare; the beef carrying a consistent texture whilst giving enough bite — the wasabi cutting through the meatiness with its numbing sensation. Available as a side for dinner, but also listed on their small variety of lunch menu items would be the Wagyu Hamburg Katsu; a patty that isn’t too beefy or gamey, with a tomato-esque sauce that was not overly tangy and went well with the crusted patty with a consistent texture that carried enough bite without being too wet nor dry — pretty well-executes indeed.

Thanks to Niku Kin for hosting, and Burpple for the invite; one of those meals where we truly enjoyed the food and the overall dining experience!