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House Made Capellini Pasta, Chicken Wanton, Dried Shrimps, Chili, Lava Egg, Kale, Salmon Roe.

Went all out at 63 Paragon a while ago; tried the Char Siew Noodles which comes at a hefty S$25.00++ on the menu to check out what it is all about.

Incorporating their own style of fusion into local cuisine, the Char Siew Noodles here marries western cooking techniques into our local everyday fare with their own creative input. Starting with the noodles, the house made Capellini comes tossed with an umami sauce which featured pork lard and dried shrimp amongst other ingredients; a little softer than you usual egg noodles with less springiness and bite, though perhaps more suited for local taste buds considering how most would prefer softer noodles here. Moving on to the Char Siew, the Char Siew features pork belly that is all tender and melt-in-the-mouth; mostly fatty but disintegrates in the mouth without much need of a chew — the exterior being coated with a sweet and sticky glaze that comes with a slight crisp as well which was pretty flavourful and gave it a bit of texture. Preferred the Chicken Wantons in the soup than the fried one plated atop the noodles; the former carrying a more savoury flavour within the soup, while the skin was silken and smooth without being too thick nor thin; the fried version, whilst fried till golden-brown and crisp on the outside, tasted a little bland for me. The Wanton were well-filled, but interestingly included chicken soft bones (?) for a crunch that mimics that of water chestnuts included in dumplings. Onsen egg came with a molten yolk inside, while the Salmon Roe adds that umami popping sensation for more texture.

Wouldn't say I would pay $25.00++ again on Char Siew Noodles; the price tag is rather hefty despite the efforts going into this bowl, but definitely did not mind giving this a try.