Heard all about the new Sungai Besi Scrambled Egg Rice that had recently opened its doors within the Malaysia Boleh! food court at Jurong Point when we were scrolling through social media one day. Whilst there are multiple outlets of Malaysia Boleh! food courts located across the island, one thing that is fairly notable about the Malaysia Boleh! food courts around are how there may be some switch-ups with the stalls situated within the food hall even though the different stalls seem to be operated by Malaysia Boleh! themselves — this also means that there are some stalls within some Malaysia Boleh! locations that cannot be found in other Malaysia Boleh! food courts elsewhere. As of the time of writing, Sungai Besi Scrambled Egg Rice is a stall that can only be exclusively found at the Malaysia Boleh! food hall at Jurong Point; the stall occupying a corner-most unit that is being located towards the stalls situated in the right side tucked towards the end of the food hall. As the namesake of the stall suggests, Sungai Besi Scrambled Egg Rice focuses on serving up scrambled egg rice bowls — and yes, think of Sungai Besi Scrambled Egg Rice as yet another one of those establishments that serves up the same offerings as Dan Lao 蛋佬 (possibly the OG when it comes to scrambled egg rice bowls in Singapore; these folks recently opened a new outlet at the Kopitiam food court at Changi Airport Terminal 3) and Kovan Scrambled Egg Rice; the menu comprising of scrambled egg rice bowls featuring different choices of meats and seafood that patrons can opt for depending on their preferences.

Whilst we would have gravitated towards the Luncheon Meat Scrambled Egg Rice given the items that we have ordered during our visits to Dan Lao and Kovan Scrambled Egg Rice previously, we found it difficult to resist form ordering the Hakka Pork Cutlet Scrambled Egg Rice since Sungai Besi Scrambled Egg Rice is the only one out of the three that specialises in scrambled egg rice bowls with a variant that features Hakka Pork cutlet — this makes the item stand out a little more than the rest. All orders at Sungai Besi Scrambled Egg Rice are done a la minute and patrons can stand around the area around the stall to collect their order once their order number has been called out at the display. On first sight, the Hakka Pork Cutlet Scrambled Egg Rice comes within expectations; the Hakka pork cutlet is well-portioned, and is plated above the scrambled egg that sits atop the bed of white rice. Similar to Dan Lao and Kovan Scrambled Egg Rice, soy sauce has been drizzled atop the white rice, and there is also a Lao Gan Ma-esque chili that comes along with the scrambled egg rice bowl. Digging into the Hakka Pork Cutlet Scrambled Egg Rice, we noted that the scrambled egg is soft, fluffy and moist — that being said, we did felt that it was done a little less runny considering how the scrambled egg didn’t quite add on to providing the white rice a little more texture here. That being said, the eggy notes and savoury mix of the soya sauce did help to bring the elements together.

The Hakka pork cutlet (along with all the other meat options) seemed to have been prepared in advanced; placed in a display warmer to retain the temperature and only to be sliced up and plated on the bowl upon order — the Hakka pork cutlet was crisp on the outside and did not seem greasy; it does require fair bit of chew considering how it does seem to comprise of a fatty cut with some of its juiciness being lost from the way that it is being kept in the display. That being said, one can detect a slightly umami note from the fermented bean paste used in the preparation process — the element being essential to what makes up a Hakka pork cutlet. Thought going for the Lao Gan Ma-esque chili does add on to the whole dish; the Lao Gan Ma-esque chili here isn’t quite as smoky as some that we have come across, but there is a hint of sweetness around the savoury flavours that helped to bridge the Hakka pork cutlet and the scrambled egg together. Overall, it does seem that the scrambled egg rice bowl at Sungai Besi Scrambled Egg Rice are pretty decent — no doubt it does come with some shortcomings, though they do seem to be satiating enough to resolve any cravings for the dish. With their dishes priced from $6 for the Luncheon Meat Scrambled Egg Rice to $8 for the Prawn Scrambled Egg Rice, Sungai Besi Scrambled Egg Rice might be the more convenient location for Westies to head to have their scrambled egg rice bowl fix!