You get to choose from a small list. For our platter, we got the:

1) Tête de Moine (CH)
Made out of unpasturised Cow's Milk. A Semi-Hard Cheese. Pared to form Rosettes with distinct soft & delicate flavour

2) Wensleydale & Cranberries (UK)
Yorkshire Cheese made with Pasteurised Cow's Milk. Flavours of succulent juicy Cranberries with
Honey undertones

Good combination I’ll say! Both cheeses are nice on their own and great fillers while we snack and wait for our other dishes :p The Wensleydale has cranberries in them, which made a great combination of sweet and savory with a creamy finish. Tête de Moine on the other hand is more flaky and light, which is definitely a good contrast!