the lady gave a rly huge scoop 0_0 idk if it’s always like that but rly appreciate as it was a v worth ice cream cone .. it’s on burpple so it was $6 for 2 , the ice cream texture was actually v nice cuz it was creamy n the cone was gd n actually crispy too yum yum
i got earl grey lavender but it wasn’t rly the best flavour ig this flavour is subjective to the icecream shop .. it tasted abit artificial? but i still quite enjoyed it tho i wld probably pick a diff flavour next time
i tried abit of the milo brownie which was actually quite nice i preferred it to this one
overall i wld get it agn bcz of the 1 for 1 n v accessible place too at bugis junction 🤓 n can eat in aircon place so it didn’t melt so quickly