Onion bagel, scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese.
Today I finally visited Two Men Bagel House (Tanjong Pagar) (“TMBH”). They open at or just after 9am on weekends and 8am on weekdays. Decided to head on down to grab breakfast before my Saturday meeting at work. Verdict: There are many bagel options and different bagel sandwich combinations. I got a breakfast bagel, the bacon was absolutely glorious and juicy and fresh off the stove. I still really miss the bagels at Grain Traders though, the scrambled egg quantity was a lot more, much creamier and fluffier and less dry. Plus it was packed with alfafa sprouts which I loved. Still really sad they stop serving bagels at @graintraders. But do check out TMBH which bakes their bagels fresh in-house. The bagel fillings are definitely more meaty.

If you always get lost in Tanjong Pagar like me and find maps way too confusing and not specific enough, here are some easy directions on how to get to TMBH:
1. Take the train to Tanjong Pagar MRT. Take Exit C.
2. Walk down Anson Road towards International Plaza and past it until you hit Enggor Street. Turn right into Enggor Street and walk down the right side of the road. You’ll see a big “12 Enggor Street” on the pavement.
3. Look out for The Public Izakaya at Icon Village shopping mall. Go through the sliding doors to the left of The Public Izakaya.
4. TMBH is inside Icon Village, opposite Cold Storage.