Pesto calls for basil, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and cheese as the basic of basics. Oh and let's not forger pine nuts. But fear not my nut allergic comrades! The pesto chicken pasta with a long fancy french name from Yeast Bistro is nut-less!

Opened by a French married to a Malaysian Chinese, Yeast has been around for a very long time and is famous mostly for their pastries. Yes all you Yeast tart fanatics, I hear you.

Expect your menu to have intimidating sounding French names with lots of é,ê,â and the such and if you're like me, you'll save yourself the effort and just point at the damn thing.

The pesto chicken pasta (I'll just call it that cause the name of the dish was so long my short term memory went into shock) was priced at RM 37 pre-GST (no 10% service charge) and came in a reasonable portion. Pasta was not al dente (apparently some customers complained that it was undercooked) which is how I like my pasta and not seasoned enough. It was ok. A little lacking in flavour, not something Over Dosing on table salt and pepper cannot fix. Chicken was nicely flavoured tho. But why would you season they would season their chicken nicely and underseason their pasta is beyond me.

It wasn't bad. But meh, how wrong can you go with a pesto pasta anyway?...ok maybe I don't want an answer for that.