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To start off, there is a critical need to inform readers that Peruvian food is not de facto Spanish food. Rather, Peruvian cuisine takes its influences and roots in cultural fusion, with flavours encompassing Spanish, African and even the Chinese and Japanese. Of course, being a crown jewel representative of a mosaic of cultures that are already present in Singapore, a Peruvian restaurant had to make its mark in this wonderfully apt country. TONO Cevicheria was vibrant and colourful, while still maintaining a rustic charm. With items on their menu showcasing both traditional and new-school takes on ceviches and meat dishes, there was an air of curiosity as to every bite of their dishes. We started with their Ceviche Verde ($28++), a classic variation of a ceviche that resembles and is often referred to as “green ceviche”. Beautifully marinated cubes of their catch of the day (Kinmedai, or Golden Eye Snapper) played harmoniously with the tangy and peppery jalapeño and lime marinate alongside shavings of corn tortilla crisps for that added bite. Their Arroz Mariscos ($34++) is a must-order, a dish that featured TONO’s special seafood-rich rice with meaty chunks of sweet shrimp, squid and rather fresh clams. Decadent and exciting, each bite of the rice was further enhanced by the subtle vibrancy of lime and chilli, a nice touch that displays the discipline of the recipe. Their Sudado ($38++) came next, a Peruvian fisherman stew with half a snapper, some clams and a rich seafood broth with onions, tomatoes, parsley, white wine and oregano.