At last! I get to dine at Baristart Coffee after weeks of trying to no avail. Big reason for this is because this quaint cafe always had a queue already when I went there at around 1pm. I beat the crowd this time by going at 10:30am instead and I got a seat without queuing, but much to my surprise, there are other patrons in there already. So yup, this place is that popular. After trying the food here, I can see why this cafe is so popular.

Since I don't drink coffee, I will talk about another specialty of this cafe instead: Hokkaido BLEI Jersey Milk. And custard of Strawberry Sweet Jar is made exactly from Hokkaido Milk. The custard is silky and very rich in flavour. Full of milky goodness and not heavy at the same time. The cookie crumbles add a nice variation in texture to accentuate the silkiness of the custard. I also like to eat the custard together with the aroma of baked cookie at every bite. A very nice dessert to enjoy.

I love it that this cafe offers something special that other cafes seldom do, which is yoghurt related drink. Since I'm slightly lactose-intolerant, this Blueberry Yoghurt Smoothie is my saviour, especially in the morning when I haven't eaten much yet. After enjoying does of this refreshing, super yummy, super healthy, slightly zesty and creamy smoothie, my tummy is feeling great all day long.

Obihiro Butadon is such an awesome dish, which surprises me since I do not expect a cafe to serve up something savoury that is so good. The pork is very thinly sliced to throughly soak up the essence of the sweet, aromatic homemade teriyaki sauce and for easy bite. Mizuna, a type of veggie which adds the refreshing element to the dish together with the onion, is easy to bite too. The fat of the pork is full of nutty aroma that makes it even better. Pearl-like Nanatsuboshi rice is starchy and has an iota of chewiness, I can actually eat this rice on its own. In fact, I have eaten it on its own as they are very generous with the amount of rice added to the don, so when I finish the pork slices, there is still some rice left ...

The place is of chic cafe style and features very flattering lightning where almost everyone there looks good. So when there, just snap lots of pictures of the instagram worthy food, yourself, your partner/s, friends or family. The service is good and efficient. This is definitely one of my favourite cafes due to the good food and the yoghurt smoothie–this is my personal must order when at Baristart Coffee.

Thoughts: Awesome Cafe!