Char Kway Teow is a teochew-hokkien fried flat rice noodle dish originating from the island of Penang. This dish is fried wth prawns, cockles and beansprouts, with some versions adding fish cakes, Chinese sausage and pork lard. The key ingredient for a good char kway Teow is for the noodles to be fried over charcoal with enough "wok hei", ensuring the dish have a slight burnt taste to it.
Lorong Selamat char kway teow is one of the most famous versions you can find in Penang, and you can easily see why. The noodles are fried well, with enough wok hei, leaving that charred and burnt umami taste. The use of lard also makes the dish more fragrant, and the highlight of the char kway teow here, really is the giant sized prawns. It's almost like you're having prawns with a side of kway teow. A word of caution: for a great time, only go when its the old aunty frying.
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