Single Origin Chocolate Platter
Chocolate & Coffee Pairing
$14 for both platters (1-for-1 platter)

The most outstanding dessert from the platter was the ice cream, which we had first in case it melted. Otherwise, you were supposed to go from the lowest cocoa content to the highest, starting from the top shelf to the bottom.

The brownie (top shelf) was dry. The trifle and chocolate tart (second and third shelf) were probably the next best after the ice cream (bottom shelf).

For the pairing, the coffee was okay. The hot chocolate mocha had a slightly sour taste to it due to the coffee. The accompanying chocolate brownie was rich in taste but a tad too dry and not as fudgy as we would have liked. It was probably served warm, but turned lukewarm by the time we had it.

Overall, it was fun trying the assortment of desserts. We will probably return for the ice cream only.