IS THIS LIKE BISHAN'S BEST (not-so) HIDDEN GEM? Heard rave reviews on the handmade noodles Shi Xiang Ge 食香阁 @shixiangge on the 2nd floor of Bishan Bus Interchange and decided to try their Braised Pork Knife Shaved Noodles 刀削面. The portions here are HUGE, but these freshly made knife-shaved noodles are springy with a beautiful chew! Even on 小辣, their mala broth was numbingly spicy and addictive enough to get me slurping together with their noodles on a rainy afternoon. If you are more spice tolerant, there's more lao gan ma at the counter for that extra heat.🔥🍜 There are other variations like the Tomato and Egg version (which Friend A ordered), but I prefer having these thicc cut noodles with soup.