Yet another establishment that should not be a stranger to most, but they had since opened their very first standalone establishment rather recently at Capitol Piazza just right beside Punggol Nasi Lemak, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Food Republic that one of their stalls used to operate from.

Was pretty tempted to grab one of their newly-introduced rice bowls offered here, but found myself still going back to the Guan’s Mee Pok instead; after all, that was what I was craving for and having something apart from the Mee Pok is probably missing the point. I have only had Guan’s Mee Pok once in the Food Junction @ NEX a couple of years back, but I found the Mee Pok here to hold up very well against what I could recall. Spring noodles that comes with a bite, tossed in an extra vinegary and spicy chili if one decides to opt for both options (I wouldn’t dare to imagine their variant without both) — sends a punch to the taste buds while the other condiments play a side role here; make no mistake though considering the variety of condiments here which includes their traditional roll, dumplings and a molten lava egg, which is already more extensive than that served at other establishments. The Flavour Roll here is essentially their rendition of the Ngoh Hiang roll; seems to carry a bit more of a fish paste with a rather smooth texture, and creates a bite somewhat close to fish cake without being quite as fishy. The same also applies for the dumpling, which came much as a surprise; wrapped with a silky smooth skin on the outside. Otherwise, the other elements such as the minced meat and lard laces together with the noodles for a meatier bite; the latter could have been a little more crispy, while the molten lava egg is set to please the crowd — not only a comforting addition that is reminiscent of the Japanese ramen, but also increases the aesthetic appeal of the dish.

Coming at $6.30 a bowl, one can argue that Guan’s Mee Pok is already a premium bowl by its own, especially considering how this is very much the most “basic” version here. Still, considering the condiments included, it’s something I would not mind having any day.

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