Here is their Ohsho set! Probably the flagship set, since it has the same name as the store. Extremely worth getting - crispy karaage chicken, juicy gyoza and savoury fried rice makes it a super filling meal. Every now and then I get gyoza cravings, and I’m glad to say that the ones here are totally satisfying.

It’s $9.90 for the set, but if somehow it’s not enough for you, go ahead and get another 3 more gyoza for $2.90 (or choose from the pretty wide range of side dishes they have). The only thing here, of course, is that the food doesn’t get served quite as fast as the other hawker stalls around. Frankly, though, the wait is still reasonable enough considering what they’re serving.

Oh we wanted to try this just now but they were closed :(
Aw no :( They're worth it though, hopefully you can try another day!