husk is located in a pretty ulu mall & i wouldn't say that it's worth trying to find it. went there during dinnertime & only 1 diner was there. the staff were very friendly & quick to serve us though! ordered the lemak chicken ($12.50 nett) & grilled chicken ($9.80 nett) for dinner. my friend who had the grilled chicken rated it 7/10 while i found mine mediocre at best. the lemak sauce smelt fragrant but was alright only. it was on the spicy side though! the chicken thigh was also quite skinny. the sweet chilli was also average and the rice was a little lacking in coconut fragrance. the egg was a japanese onsen egg that was slightly overdone? appreciate the innovation/fusion but the nasi lemak would have probably paired better with a fried sunny side up. wouldn't visit again but wasn't too expensive after burpple 1 for 1 but you could probably get better at your area's coffeeshop for cheaper.