Ion Orchard’s Football Food Fiesta is happening NOW at level B4!!!⚽️ Catch a live screening of the England vs Belgium match tonight without worrying about getting peckish halfway through; food carts surround the main screen, offering local goodies like durian fritters, fruit popsicles, mantou w/ chili crab sauce and my personal favourite...ICE CREAM SANDWICHES FROM GLACIEL(sister brand from LeTao)!!😍 With such a wide array of treats, there’s sure to be something for everyone!!

This Fraise Vanilla ice cream cookie ($5.50) is the best I’ve ever had. Hands down, no debate, QED, case CLOSED! Cookie layer is gritty and crumbly to the right degree; firm enough to be held and yet disintegrating without resistance upon being bitten into. And its buttery, moist and slightly caramelized stroopwaffle-like feel goes amazingly well with the fresh ice cream within. With the marked au naturale flavour of strawberries, you can almost imagine yourself prancing about a strawberry field, munching on berries picked directly from the vine😍 Dez Japanese patissiers seriously need to stop setting the bar so high!!!