We all know PBD whips up stellar ones so I can’t say I was expecting any less, but I didn’t think I’d be THIS in love with their Pho French Dip ($18) special at their Sugarfin pop-up 🤤 Literally took my first bite and swooned. SO 👏🏻 BLOODY 👏🏻 GOOD 👏🏻 Let me try to explain this coherently: a generous stack of shaved roast beef + a crunchy herb salad + mayo, sandwiches in a fluffy French roll, served with a rich pho broth on the side. What really made this sandwich for me were the herb salad and broth. Now that pho broth’s soooo packed with flavour. Yknow the soup at the base of your stockpot, that’s collected all the meaty sediments, mushy veggies, and flavour? This broth is basically it. I’m not too sure what exactly was in that herb salad, but there was definitely beansprouts, coriander, and what I thought was morning glory. Fabulous crunch, super refreshing, and cuts through richness of the broth as well as the saltiness from the roast beef. Imho that herb salad really lifted the whole dish. If anything, I’d wish for a crustier French roll that’d better hold up to all that dunking.

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