Better than average chicken briyani. Rice was fragrant and flavourful in itself, and the curry was rich and aromatic. I went this because I saw a number of eating it, and it looks too good. It was not difficult to find the stall, because during lunch time there was a queue. But fret not, because service seems to be pretty efficient. A popular choice people seem to go for us the Crispy Chicken Briyani, which comes with a piece of fried chicken and curry on the side. Though I didnโ€™t go for that option, I was satisfied with mine. The chicken breast was huge, though inevitably dry. But the overall taste of the rice and curry attested to the quality of this plate of affordable priced briyani. And if anybody can enlighten me on what those spicy bits are at the side, please do, for it made this plate so much enjoyable! I loved how it gave a crunch with every bite of my meal.