*lobster and chirozo was unavailable and substituted with fresh oysters*

Finally tried one of the more $$$ deals as a teen in singapore. The place should consider giving a bread basket of some sort as all their bread items were out of this world 😮‍💨. Overall, the food and ambience were great, presentations wonderful, tho it felt more like a 4-course meal as the portion sizes for the first 2 dishes were way too small like 1 cheese bread and 1 oyster only per person cant satisfy me :((

Cheese bread 5⭐️: Totally can understand the hype. So good and addictive. Confirm a calorie bomb given the strong cheese taste and the amount of butter I spread per bite

Oysters 4⭐️: Really fresh but nothing special

Beef Tartare 3.5⭐️: The bread was really nice. Wished more bread was given as the beef got a little jelat over time eating it alone.

Scallops 4⭐️: Fresh and well seared. The taste of the butter sauce could be stronger.

Wagyu Beef Petite 3⭐️: A little tough; the sauce and the mushrooms had little taste. Could not detect the truffle at all but the addition of brioche bits was interesting and nice.

Hamachi 4⭐️: Simple and light asian-influenced dish. Fish was well cooked and had a nice texture but clams felt a little out of place.

Apple Mille Feuille 5⭐️: My favourite dish❤️❤️ Super crispy pastry and interesting smoked calvados ice cream flavour with a slightly complementary salty taste to balance the apple filling which had the right amount of sweetness.

The servers were really friendly and attentive and a mini cake was prepared for my friend's bday. Although sometimes I felt a little pressured to spend more: the usual still/sparkling water question and we were asked quite a few times if we wanted any additional appetizers, drinks and desserts.

Managed to stick to only $148++. Worth it treat once in a while :D