I don't usually eat KBBQs, but decided to pop by 8 Korean BBQ for Chope's June Exclusive Menu. For $88++, we got a 4 Colours Set (u.p. $68) inclusive of a choice of stew. We opted for the Army Stew (u.p. add-on $6). The pork belly came in huge slabs which the staff helped to cook and cut into bite sized pieces. We liked the Miso flavour the most out of the four we chose, the others being Herb, Garlic, and Kalbi. As for the Army Stew, it was decent but nothing outstanding. Lots of ingredients like kimchi, luncheon meat, and chicken pieces inside though.

There were also Jumeokbap (u.p. $9), Kimchi Corn Cheese (u.p. $16), and 3 drinks (u.p. $2 each). Overall a hearty meal and we were more than satisfied.