Total cost for 2 rolls: $20 (incld gst and svc, 1-for-1 price)

mentai salmon roll: 8/10
a safe and yummy option for mentaiko lovers :~) there was a good amount of mentaiko sauce, making each bite very flavourful. the crispy tempura bits and avocado brought back the entire roll tgt well.

(for those who prefer lighter flavours, the mentaiko may be slightly too salty for ur liking)

supreme unagi roll: 7/10
unagi was fatty and tasty. note that the roll comes with a touch of spicy sauce, which has a slight kick. the cream cheese tasted a little unusual at first, however the more i ate it, the nicer it tasted :-) a good dish to try if u want to experience more unique flavours

🐽 nice dining environment, a good place to hang out w friends