✨Claypot Rice✨
This is one of the most well-known claypot rice (at least in the west😝) This claypot rice is more burnt than the other stalls I’ve tried, so it may taste more bitter. However, this also means the rice is crispier and a smokier flavour! I personally like really crispy rice so I don’t mind the charcoal taste😋They were also really generous with their tender chicken! But! The chicken came with a lot of sharp bones, which I’ve almost swallowed it a few times. It is also not as salty as I imagined it to be, probably because there wasn’t much cuttlefish in this. Overall, I recommend chewing more and eating it slowly to avoid any problems👍🏻

💰: $15 for 2 pax
📈: 7.5/10

✨Lotus Root with Pork Ribs Soup (莲藕排骨汤)✨

This soup pairs really well with the claypot rice as it was light, which can act as a palate cleanser while eating the claypot rice. The soup was simple and nothing special, but it felt really refreshing to be eating something else other than the rice.

💰: $5
📈: 7/10

💸Total damage for 2 pax: $20