Not the most glamorous shot, but we were served the fries in a plastic bag because the fries were overflowing and scooped by the server into the bag itself. It's a really big portion of fries! As a snack 2 Megas would probably feed 4. This is a takeaway concept but there is a standing area nearby with a large tabletop that accommodates >10 people where you can eat.

Fries were served moderately hot, but could be crispier. Taste similar to Mac's shaker fries. The Mega allows you to choose and mix 2 flavours in one cup; I was looking forward to try the wasabi and truffle flavours but those were not available at this branch. Instead, we tried the sour cream, seaweed, chilli BBQ and ranch o' cheddar.

Boy: 4 flavours all average only. Nothing special.

Girl: not a fan. Noted that ranch o' cheddar tasted slightly like Cheetos, if it's your thing.

Rating: 6/10 good for people who enjoy shaker fries. They probably serve it heated but not freshly fried, so I prefer Macdonald's fries to this. Portions are big and good for sharing with friends.

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