Underwhelming. 😔

That’s one word to summarise this pizza.

I was craving pizza so I ordered 4 from Domino’s Pizza, with their promo of $22 for 2: Smoky Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza, Hawaiian Paradise, Classified Chicken and the special Quattro Veggie. (Do note that the 9 inch pizzas are not very big, so if you’re ordering for a hungry crowd, it may not be enough!)

The Quattro Veggie is one of the special flavours, along with the Quattro Fiesta (which has meats like prawns and pepperoni, but I didn’t order because it was a “premium” flavour that you have to pay extra for). The pizza is split into four quarters, with each portion being a different flavour topping: tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers and olives and spinach. The photo on their site looks pretty great, but the actual pizza is a bit underwhelming. The toppings were quite sparse, considering veggies are so cheap, with a few sprinklings of soft flaccid canned mushrooms, minuscule halves of cherry tomatoes, tiny slivers of green bell peppers and dry shrivelled up shreds of spinach. Not the most appetising.

This pizza was my family’s least favourite of the 4.

On the whole, I’d say Domino’s pizzas are ok, but I wouldn’t recommend this flavour. (I prefer Classified Chicken, which I dare say is Domino’s best flavour.)

🍕 Text and pics are nice, but if you wanna see a video, watch my full review of Domino’s on YouTube now! https://youtu.be/uvfG7cSCRLo 🍕