The fact that their opening hype hasn't died down since 2011 says a lot. Chin Chin’s executive chef took inspiration from the streets of Southeast Asia, brought it back to sunny Melbourne and added his own dose of magic to everything. You're looking at stellar dishes like Rendang Curry of Wagyu Beef (AUD27.50), Salad of Shiso & Sesame Prawn Dumplings (AUD28.50), and Thailand's quintessential Sticky Rice (AUD14.50) topped with a slice of Nyonyan tapioca cake. Attention is the name of the game here, with all their garnishes and herbs hand-picked daily to ensure top-notch quality. Prices are quite steep and the queue's madness (count yourself lucky if you get a table within 2 hours), but the food and upbeat vibe's more than worth it.