📍: Bukit Merah
Sawasdee Tom Yum Pasta (SGD16.90++): The pasta was so flavourful with a seafood fragrance 😍 It was a bit soft for me though as I prefer my pasta a little bit harder on the al dente side, but my mom loved it. Overall, very well done!
Generally, I would say that all of their food is pretty good. Other things ordered were the Signature chilli crab pasta (SGD17.90++) and the Smoked salmon cheese rosti (SGD16.90++) - they all tasted really good. My sister said that the rosti tasted even better than Marche’s one 😮 and the cheese just made it all the better 🤩
Was just sliiiiightly disappointed at their gelato bc there weren’t that many flavours available. Taste wise was kinda the same as many other ice cream places we’ve been to. Their waffles (SGD6) was amazing though 🥰 Crunch on the outside and soft on the inside. Definitely not the same as the other cafes!
OVERALL: 4.5/5

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