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A generous portion of angel hair pasta is served with a dome shaped omelette on top. Smooth and silky on the outside, cutting through the center, reveals its creamy, moist and soft-cooked center. This was everything I could ask for in an omelette. Taking a whiff of the combination of the pan-fried garlic and bacon in the pasta and the eggy fragrance was so intoxicating. However, I personally felt that the fragrance did not quite translate to an equal level of satisfaction mainly due to how the angel hair pasta was not well coated with the garlicy goodness. The pasta ended up being quite light in flavour, which played a good counterpart to the more distinctly seasoned omelette. However, I really enjoyed the mushrooms used in the pasta. An unlikely and unexpected star of the dish but they were really juicy and fresh and I found myself ravaging through the mountain of pasta to pick out these gems.