Im sure most of us knows that one-north is a well-known area famous for housing lots of research institutes and biomedical labs. Hence a nice comfy cafe nestled among office buildings is a rare side here. Runes (Biopolis) is located within WHQ and provides a nice comfy ambience with its full length glass panels all around.
Paid a visit to the cafe during lunch time on a weekday and it was fairly crowded (some peeps were working / studying there too).
Ordered the grilled mushroom sandwich ($7) and a iced mocha ($5.50).
Th sourdough sandwich came in a huge portion, with grilled mushrooms overflowing out. The sourdough was perfect, crispy on the sides yet soft and chewy in the middle and complements the earth, juicy and buttery mushrooms with melted cheese slated over.
Only complaint - the side salad that it came with was a tad too little. Got abit bored of the sandwich halfway thru the meal, so more salad would have been much appreciated 😂
Coffee wise, mocha was average, no comments on that.

Overall, a really nice cafe with a very "chillax" ambience. Nice to sit at the tables by the glass panel, and admire the surroundings while eating. Food-wise, i think the price is generally affordable for a cafe setting.