Gæst's weekend brunch is always solid, refreshing, and completely satisfying. Their brunch plates are truly unique and wholesome, made distinct with their remarkably good homemade sourdough and Danish rye bread. Go for Brunch Plate 1 ($20), which features a fluffy Danish omelette that's stuffed with potatoes, covered with bacon and is just oh-so-darn-good, alongside sourdough, rhubarb compote, brie, cream cheese, and homemade caramel. If decadence is what you're after, order their Pork Sandwich ($14) — chock full of pork, crispy crackling, a red cabbage slaw, red apple and mustard mayonnaise. For something dead-simple, there's always the delightful option of Bread with Mascarpone and Strawberries for just $7.