You don’t have to travel to Osaka to have “Omurice Cafe Yellow Gourmet” because you can now get it right here in Singapore at 2-months-old “Deli’s Kitchen” in Sunshine Plaza.
Pictured above is the “Beef Demi Glacé Omurice” which was really good apart from it being slightly under-seasoned for me. Of course there are those of you who might be fine with it since taste is a very subjective thing 😊.
I do feel this dish is value-for-money at $15++ as the ingredients were more than decent in quality. There was no faulting those slices of very tender roast beef which combined well with the demi glacé sauce. The eggs too were cooked perfectly luscious and runny.
For $5++ more, we turned this into a set meal that included a salad, an appetiser plus a drink (everything on the menu is available except for the smoothie). Besides the many variations of Yellow Gourmet’s omurice, you can also find other kinds of popular Japanese delights here. These include Kuroge Wagyu burgers in all sorts of permutations from Burgers Café Grill Fukuyoshi, grilled ox tongue from Gyutan Senri, Jinbocho Roast Beef Don, Hakata Black Curry from Bistro Ryu and Beef Katsu from Kurobeko.
You might want to take note that the space at Deli’s Kitchen isn’t very big and the ambience isn’t that fancy. So I would suggest going there with the aim of having their food.

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