Pardon me but I changed the name of the smoothie bowl from the original greenish energy bowl to my preferred - Green energy bowl. Greenish just doesn’t sound nice 🤗

I was looking for something that could quench my unquenchable thirst and “ heaty- ness” in this crazy weather and this had to be it .

Banana , spinach, Apple , lemon, pumpkin seeds , cranberry, coconut flakes , Chia seeds, wolf berries. What could be more nutritious.

The moment a mouthful of this smoothie bowl hit my palate - I felt I was literally nourished from the inside out.

As part of a promotion , this smoothie bowl was complimentary but this is by no means worth any less - every component of this smoothie bowl just came together so well . The crunch from the pumpkin seeds , the velvety banana and the aromatic coconut shavings and the fruitiness from the cranberries .

What can I say - I am in smoothie heaven .