If you are thinking where to chill in Muar, Gene might be one of a good place for you to chit chat with your gang here. They just located beside the main road in town. Was having 'the best cafe in town' rating from the internet so came to have a look and quite numbers of people are having beer instead of coffee here. Their fish and chips (RM18.50) is serving with big portion, with fries, salads and mayonnaise. The best thing is when you can avoid having a dried up fish and chips. Their fish is very well cooked, crispy outside and juicy inside. But their fries are very small in term of sizes, exactly like those you can get it from the bazaar. Golden nuggets (RM6.40) came with 6 pcs if not mistaken. Quite normal in terms of taste. Vibes are good. Ground floor is more like a cafe but upstair is more like a pub. Will be getting crowded after 8pm.