These were the dishes I tried this time round:
-Pork Mix Toji Teishoku ($16.90++ or $14.90++ for ala carte): Half pork cutlet, one breaded pork and sliced pork on a hot plate
-Shogayaki Teishoku ($12.90++ or $10.9++ for ala carte): Stir fry pork belly in ginger sauce

While the Pork Mix Toji Teishoku was similar to the other Toji Teishokus which I have countless times before, I like this pork mix combo as you get both a fried pork cutlet and sliced pork! Best of both world! I like the soupy eggy broth to drench my rice in them!

It was my first time trying the Shogayaki Teishoku! When it got served, I thought it was weird that they gave a side of mayo sauce to go with the ginger sauce pork belly. But oh my, it was the best combination ever and I loved it! I also like that the ginger sauce wasnt tooo gingery, so I could enjoy the dish still!

It was also the first time the service staff came round to explain their signature dishes to us, and I got to know that they pride themselves in the RICE and MISO SOUP! Wow, that is a very bold statement to make, to say that your RICE is good. But omg, the rice is really good! No wonder I find myself being a rice bucket and finishing up my rice everytime I dine here!

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