Healthy & Fresh. That's what Bibigo is all about. For those who have tried enough Korean cuisine (which is gaining immense popularity among local foodies by the way), just think Bibigo as the 'lighter' version of the well-loved Korean cuisine. Bibimbap, also known as traditional mixed rice with assorted vegetables, is one of my favourite orders when it comes to Korean food. You can select from the menu how you like your bibimbap to be mixed. In this case, Bibigo offers a good selection of meat and rice so diners can create their bibimbap to his/her own preference. It looks light but is in fact very filling and satisfying at the end of the meal. You don't feel overwhelmed. That said, some might find the taste to be more towards the bland side, depending on your taste preference. The accompanying Kohot sauce is sweet and should go well with the entire serving.

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5.0