Was looking for a quiet place for some me time and found this perfect spot during lunch on a Wednesday. Ordered the Buddha Bowl from the lunch set menu, and it came with a cup of beef and tomato soup. Presentation was amazing, and ingredients were fresh but I felt so tired trying to get through it. Firstly, the avocado was halved but served with its skin still intact. I had to ask for a side plate to remove its skin and cut the avocado into smaller bite-sized pieces. Secondly, the bright red and yellow peppers were cut into quarters (far from the usual cubes). Similarly, I cut them into smaller pieces on the side plate I asked for. Finally, I gave up when it came to the long strips of cucumber sticks and just ate them separately.

Basically, I felt like I was served a fixed set of fresh ingredients to prepare a DIY salad. The person who prepared this dish has either never eaten a salad or thinks that he’s serving a rabbit. Considering how it’s a lunch option, more thought should be put into making it quick and convenient to consume. All in all, it was $20.80+ for the fresh ingredients and laid-back ambience. Might return to try the burgers or sandwiches.