Dragon Door Inn's authentic charcoal steamboat wins the approval of both celebrities (who pose in photos that fill the walls) as well as regular people like us. Take your partner out for a rainy night dinner here! Their Pork Bone Soup (RM20) teems with fragrant flavour while the Spicy Soup (RM23) hints of tongue-numbing Szechuan spice — get both with the yin yong (mixed) option. Since the pot is fuelled by smouldering charcoal, the soup boils at a slower pace and that gives you plenty of time to customise your dipping sauce. Do as the sauce guide instructs and mix together a spoonful of each condiment, but our advice is to finish off with an extra spoonful of chilli sauce for more kick. Finally, order fresh ingredients from the a la carte menu and you're all set to huddle over the hotpot! We recommend a combo of Special Pork Slice (RM15) and Fish Maw (RM15).
Avg Price: RM50
Photo by Burppler Shirleen Tan